PHM 2021 Keynote Speech 1

Industrial Internet +AI&AS Enables Turbine Machinery Source Tracing Diagnosis and Autonomous Health


This paper briefly introduces the 40 years’ development of networked intelligent monitoring and diagnosis for turbine machinery in Petrochemical industry of China. The following key points will be discussed:

1) The principle, method and engineering application status of the integration of industrial Internet and Artificial intelligence to empower traceable diagnosis and intelligent maintenance. Intelligent interlock based on fault cause and risk analysis and its engineering application in turbine machinery.

2) The industrial Internet platform composed of “a hard, a soft, a network, a platform” helps fast perception - real-time monitoring - advance warning - state prediction, far more than the ability of people in function.

3) The rise of high-risk process equipment and aerospace vehicle gave birth to Artificial self-recovery AS. As technology includes self - repair, compensation, self - protection and self - recovery regulation. Industrial Internet + AI and AS enables turbine machinery autonomous health, which is the new development trend of PHM.


Jinji Gao avatar
Jinji Gao China

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

Dr. Jinji Gao is the specialist in equipment diagnosis and artificial self-recovery engineering, and he is the professor and director of Academic Committee of Beijing University of chemical technology. He was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1999. He was the former deputy chief engineer of CNPC Liaoyang Petrochemical Company. And he was vice president of China Vibration Engineering Society and vice president of China Equipment Management Association. At present, he is the chief scientist of 973 project of Ministry of Science and Technology, and the director of Technical Committee of China Industrial Internet Research Institute.

In 1979, he took the lead in developing and applying equipment condition monitoring and diagnosis technology in China, and achieved important engineering application results. The principle of “fault self-healing" was proposed internationally in 2003, and it has been applied to autobalance and vibration fault self-recovery regulation. He wss the Chairman of World Engineering Asset Management and Intelligent Maintenance Conference, 2008 and 2016; and the Chairman of COMADEM conference, 2016. In July 2016, ISEAM awarded Dr. Gao the only annual honorary title of “Lifetime Achievement Award in advanced field of World Engineering Asset Management”. He published two monographs on “Diagnosis and Treatment of Machine Faults and Self-recovery”.