PHM 2021 Keynote Speech 4

Modeling and State-of-Health Estimation for Green Automotive Battery


Nowadays, due to increasing of the number of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, lithium-ion battery plays a key role. One of the most significant aspects in battery managements systems (BMS) of these vehicles is the stage of health (SoH) estimation. This speech focuses on aging, modeling, and SoH estimation for lithium-ion polymer battery. The physical principle and electrochemical-thermal model of Li-Po battery is firstly analyzed based on multi-scale and multi-physics full order model. And then physics-based degradation model is introduced to illustrate battery characteristics, including relation of capacity, discharge, and cycle. Reduced order of electrochemical thermal models and applications (fast charging) are discussed. As an application, a simple method is employed to estimate SoH of a single lithium-ion battery cell.


Jae-Cheon Lee avatar
Dr. Jae-Cheon Lee South Korea


Keimyung University, South Korea

Dr. Jae-Cheon Lee is a professor at the faculty of mechanical and automotive engineering of Keimyung University in Korea. He has worked for Hyundai Motor’s group and Samsung Electro-mechanics Co. for years, Professor J.-C. Lee is currently a member of the National Intelligence Advisory Board in Policy Planning Committee of the Korean Presidency and also of the Special Committee on Economic Structure Reform of Daegu city. His research interests include fluid power and mechatronics design and control, Artificial Intelligence applied PHM (Prognosis and Health Management) algorithm development and applications, signal processing for condition monitoring, and fault diagnosis of autonomous vehicles. Professor Lee has served as an editor-in-chief of the KFPS(Korea Fluid Power Society) Journal, director of the KSAE(Korea Society of Automotive Engineers) Chassis Division, and vice-editor of JMST(Journal of Mechanical Science and technology) for years. He has presided over and completed more than 50 advanced research projects in field of fluid power and automobile industry.

He has presented and published more than 100 academic papers, 4 professional books, and obtained more than 40 invention patents. In return of such efforts, he has received Most Cited Paper Publication Award of IJPEM(International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing) in 2013 and also attracted 1st Place at the Self-Driving Automobile Racing Competition held by Hyundai-Kia Motors Co. in 2017. He has carried out academic exchanges and cooperation with universities in many countries.